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Behind the Scenes: Thought Processes and Test-Taking

Post #7 Photo Credit: lil artsy

“Sometimes, test-takers just need a break from the stress (task/challenge) in order to sit in the moment that’s about being in the position and being equipped for the test that is about to take place.

Often times, it’s high expectations that cultivate the need to focus strategically and persistently.

Let’s remember to support students that will be taking state tests soon and please note that when the parents are supported, the students are supported.

For example, if a student receives a free haircut, it’s really a break for the parents, but the child is just as rewarded.

It’s small things similar to the shared example that can make a huge difference in a household of test-takers.

Thank you for joining me on this journey at supporting test-takers.” Nicshelle A. Farrow M.A.Ed

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