Broken Heartedness Series

Post #3 Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema/ Unsplash

“Let’s remember that a disappointment is a disappointment and brokenhearted is a synonym.

Being broken hearted is not always about a break up. That’s stereotypical.

Many people endure a broken heart for many reasons that are stereotypical.

There is a need to foster the broken hearts that have been disappointed from being lied to, abandoned, neglected, and unsupported.

My task is to bring to the forefront that what may seem very minute to some or most people can hold a larger magnitude to others and the abundant frequency can cause a broken heart.

So, please share how there is a need for more concerned, loving, wise, and listening ears that can also inspire, motivate, and assist with catapulting the unfulfilled needs of the broken hearts,” Nicshelle A. Farrow M.A.Ed

#listen #understand #care #love #attention #assist #mindful

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