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Behind the Scenes: Thought Processes and Test-Taking

Post #19

After pondering about the last post in this series, I thought it would be ideal to share about comprehension strategies in order to gain more astute acquisition about comprehension.

There is a need to address the fact that there are a vast amount of varied lists of comprehension strategies. The key is to select a list that will resonate with your methods of operations.

An ideal question to ask a test-taker is: Do you know how you learn best? In the meantime, here is a list of comprehension strategies that can be applied to the majority if not all subject matter:

  • Activating and Using Background Knowledge. …
  • Generating and Asking Questions. …
  • Making Inferences. …
  • Predicting. …
  • Summarizing. …
  • Visualizing. …
  • Comprehension Monitoring

Photo Credit: freepik.com

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