SDG 4: Quality Education

Behind the Scenes: Thought Processes and Test-Taking

Post #11 It can be daunting to think that many test-takers in high-school do not feel equipped to take many tests. Just to take a step back, I googled, the word, education: Education is a process of expediting learning, acquiring knowledge, values, and virtue. It contributes to the development of better people around the globe. It […]

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Humanity LEARNING MINDS SDG 4: Quality Education Supporting Community Dreams

Behind the Scenes: Thought Processes and Test Taking

Post #8 I was thinking about underlying cell activity as it relates to learning and after researching, I found it would be good to share about philosophy and education. The following article surfaced on Google: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Philosophy of Education ( First, let’s remember to share with test-takers, that the suffix: -sophy means […]

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Supporting Community Dreams


Most often there is a need for some form of mentoring especially when starting a new venture, business, class, sport, and the like.

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Resilience is made up of five pillars: Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Self Care, Positive Relationships and Purpose. By strengthening these pillars, we in turn, become more resilient.

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