Broken-heartedness Series

Post #5

“Due to the saturated connection to the phrase: broken-hearted, it has caused an automatic negative connection to the brain however there has to be more to the negative connotation that is projected.

For example, according to, hearted means: having a specified feeling, mood, personality trait, or kind of heart

(now used only in combination): hardhearted; sad-hearted.

fixed or present in the heart.

With the above in mind, the word broken is an adjective.

So, taking into account that we’re all humans reading this blog, we know that there isn’t utopia everyday or every month and broken-heartedness is not often spoken about; thereby, this month, this blog exists.

I wanted to support the many broken hearted people during the month that is often stereotypical of hearts filled with happy hearts that unfortunately houses broken-heartedness.

Please share love, hugs, and kind words whenever possible because there’s a plethora of healing needed in our world.” Nicshelle A. Farrow M.A.Ed

Photo Credit: AnnH

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